Btd5 last level

btd5 last level

BTD5 Round Hard Mode. Video is at 6x speed. To Play BTD5 Click The Following Link. Since BTD5 freeplay changes were leaked into sandbox, it was possible to simulate and test out high freeplay. This is a video of the game Bloons Tower Defense 5, round on the map '3 Times Around' How are. btd5 last level There is one more powerful than the ZOMG I have just encountered it. Take advantage of ad-free gaming, cool profile skins, automatic beta access, and private chat with Kong Plus. On the Deluxe version, I got to round on Ascension5 then my computer crashed and the CPU went over like a lead bloon. You just have skill. Not a single super monkey used yet, I got towers that are more efficient. B 80 31 M. I have been playing for 2 Days now, And I am now on wave on easy still with lives.

Btd5 last level Video

Bloons TD 5 - LONGEST GAME EVER - OVER 8,500 ECO! Different IP address. Online yatzy lets you use only tack shooters. I used primarily Rays of Doom, and even though my motorcross was decent my current laptop is horribleI gave in to lag, and aimed all Rays off the map. In Bloons Tower Defense 4the range of RBE is Your email address will always be kept private. Sep 11, 4: Either your trolling or you want your other account to play NK at all. There is no longer any limit to how far the player can go in freeplay. It is a very slow and boring process , especially in Apopalypse mode DDT ZOMG BFB MOAB Ceramic Bloon Rainbow Bloon Lead Bloon Zebra Bloon Camo Bloon Pink Bloon. Round 42 in BTD5 Easy Difficulty. Then the game crashes, save game gone. Agents Exclusives Watermelon Spitter Monkey Farmer Mad Snowman Radadactyl. Oct 1, Here is the list of highest rounds I have ever achieved in BTD5. He died by the Rainbow Rush of dom. G 5 in Impoppable Difficulty. Bloons can't get past first crate lol. You guys are wrong because the highest is round ! RecordSetter has no obligation to become involved in any dispute between you and other Users a "User Dispute". Bloons Player Pack 5 Bloons Player Pack 4 Bloons Player Pack 3 Bloons Player Pack 2 Bloons Player Pack 1. None of the bloons passed the first U turn. I think the game was on medium.

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